Will Pollard
when faced with the choice of being either side of the brief glow of history,

‘Ride In The Field’, in Middle Distance, edited by Will Pollard and designed by Nolwenn Salaün, with further contributions by Gianmaria Andreetta, Annie Goodner, and Nolwenn Salaün, on the occasion of the Sandberg Instituut Critical Studies end of year programme, Burgerweeshuis IJsbaanpad, Amsterdam, NL. 2015

to find the best of their neighbours’ swimming pools to sneak into after dark.

‘Notes on not being there’, in The Physics Room Journal 2013, for neither a window, opening or wall with Blaine Western and Michael Parr at The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ. 2014

The second time I passed out I said ‘Mum?’ and dropped a glass of water in the kitchen.

‘Clear Joy in C Major, Grieg in A Minor’ (written with Alex Davidson), for the Blackout project, organised by Alex Davidson and Jenna Bliss at The Gardens, Vilnius, LT, and CAGE, NYC. 2014

flash photography is more honest.

‘Perfect History’, for Torben Tilly, Nobody But You, at The Audio Foundation, Auckland, NZ. 2013

where to best place our kicks

‘Over The Wall’, for Charlotte Drayton, Towards an Outside, at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland, NZ. 2013

Waltzing, a military parade, the bank queue.

‘Findings’, for even for one instant with Alex Plumb, Meredith Hayward, Charlotte Drayton, Jessica Driver, Larissa Graham, Ziggy Lever, and Prince Masong at ST PAUL St Gallery Three, Auckland, NZ. 2012

Roland fails to sleep on the night before the Tour de France passes through his small town – so massive he is with anxious power.

‘Slippage/Sortilege’, for Axis with Ben Pyne and Sam Hamilton at The Audio Foundation, Auckland, NZ. 2012

I only think of them when the lights at my house go out.

‘Occasions Of Contingency’, in Blikfang (catalogue), for Sheridan Keith, Blikfang, at Objectspace, Auckland, NZ. 2012

You are falling from an aeroplane and as you fall you find yourself wondering how well you are falling.

‘Untitled I’, ‘Untitled II’ and ‘Notes On Loss’, for New Artists Show Part II: Drinking From The Fire Hose at Artspace, Auckland, NZ. 2012

The level-headed Lord knows I have been on a bad buzz lately.

‘Detergency’, for The Bathroom Show with Michael Harrison, Sarah Ellen Hughes and Campbell Patterson at Window project space, Auckland, NZ. 2011

Surely the best poem ever written was the Google search algorithm.

'An Encounter With The Valkyrie Fountain' or 'On Becoming An Arbiter Of Death As A Model Of Research' or 'Where I Like To Go To Read Books' or 'In Search Of Unconscious Employment During A Crisis Of Inaction’, in Field Essays (catalogue), for Field Essays with Anthony Cribb, Dawson Clutterbuck, Elisabeth Hyde-Hills, Emil McAvoy, Ena Kosovac, Lucy Hughes, Michelle Beattie, Niamh Peren, Robbie Fraser, Scott Satherley, Vicki Ormond, Yolunda Hickman, Yoon Tae Kim, Zac Langdon-Pole and Zak Penney at 155 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, NZ. 2011

I remember you looking right, biting your lip, looking down.

‘STELLPLATZFREI’, for Someplace Else with Charlotte Drayton, Ben Pyne, Liz Bird, Benji Bradley, Larissa Graham, Salene Schloffel-Armstrong, Michael Kennedy, Ophelia Mikkelson, Lydia Reusser, Mason Vincent, and Sian Allen at St David’s Church Hall, Auckland, NZ. 2011

I am attracted to this kind of soft polytheism, the small gods in the big.

'Where's Your Head At?' for Unfold #3: The Economy is Spinning, curated by Kris Dittel in collaboration with Onomatopee. 2016